..SchOoL viSit 2010 - NewPort PubLic SchOoL..

miss Malaysian school..miss those tiny little kids..and now, here our first School Visit 2010!!!..not to forget, it was NEWPORT PUBLIC SCHOOL!..yeah!..

got on the bus early in the morning..with casual tshirts, smart slacks, shinning black boots, colourful baju kurung and matching scarf, we aimed for the best to see those kids later..
with about 2 hours of journey..we stopped at the beach (forgot the name)..took some pictures and continued our way to the school..
btw, we were freaking amused by the beach..and people staring at us, thinking *what the hell are they doing with those 'kurungs' and scarfs when the sun is rising..haha...but no matter what, we looked HOT in those outfit!..hehehe..

first, briefing with the Principal about the school.. Then, we were heading to the main hall for interview session..a great lovely thanks to Grade 5 students for being the subject of the day..after half and hour for the interview, (math assignment), we were taken on tour around the school compound..frankly, most of us did not expect those advancement in their teaching and learning system cause back in Malaysia, yeah, it was incomparable...those smart boards, beautiful classrooms, safety playground, systematic administration..(what else, you name it.^.^)..
it was awesome and we totally amused with the school in Australia..

apart from that, we also had the opportunity to get into the room ans see how the teachers teach the kids.. recalling back of our Classroom Management subject with Mr. Jamal n Madam Maria..it was totally made us thinking of what we gonna do when we get back to Malaysia..
moreover, we also managed to walk around and see students playing and have fun in the school..not to rigid, not to straight..it just FUN!!..

get on the bus around 12..able to say goodbye to those cute adorable little kids..and the most important thing was...WE HAD JOY and FUN for the day!!!... special thanks to:
  • Mrs Principal of Newport Public School
  • Mr.
  • Grade 5 students
  • Jenny Barr for the awesome school trip
  • nick , the bus driver
  • and lastly, cohort 1 macquarie for the cooperation
the future English teachers & the students


time to say goodbye...till we meet again...adios!!

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater. ~Gail Godwin~

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