1, 2, kayuh! 1, 2 kayuh! yeah yeah!
well hello to all! nothing more to say, it's kayuh time!
on last 30th of July, which was the last day of winter break, Sport and Recreational Bureau of Cohort 1 Macquarie in conjunction with junior Cohort 2 had much fun fun fun with the first Dragon Boating Event!.

Taking place under the Anzac Bridge, Sydney (near to Sydney Fish Market), together we with the volunteer teams; NAGA SPIRIT made this event a success! weeehhooooo!Grrrrr~~

All members were divided into four teams. With four huge dragon-size boat, we pulled it out from the pit into the water. Like seriously, it was totally heavy than we thought! Then, with 8 crew members from Naga Spirit, we started our dayung-dayung sampan with a little warming up, just to ensure that no one get cramp leg on the boat. =)

The Naga Spirit crew was really really helpful and friendly. We started with practicing the right technique of paddling this huge boat and then proceed with racing with the other team. There were two rounds, and seriously, whoever won or lost, we are still in top 4. Ok what? (just because there were only 4 boats!) :D

And many thanks to Kak Mary for preparing our nasi lemak for the day. It was a totally fun hanging out with the juniors and seniors with doing such healthy activities like this. You guys are awesome yaw!

Looking forward for the next activity from Sport and Recreational Bureau. You guys had done a very good job! *applause thunderously*. Till then, bye =)
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