. .Planning 'Gempaq' 2011!. .

The council had the first official meeting of 2011 last week (Wednesday, March 16th). Well yes! the council had come out with many interesting activities throughout this year!!..It's super awesome possum where each bureau had come out with their appealing projects and we hope you guys are totally into it!..and the roughly ideas are as followed:
  • Tesol Logo & Design Contest (soon)
  • Autumn Hi - Tea Party 2011 (March)
  • Yasin and Tahlil Perdana (April)
  • Tesol Family Day & Telematch (April) - in conjunction with juniors Cohort 2
  • Malaysian Day (July)*
  • Mfest recruitments (ongoing until August, event in September)
  • Treasure Hunt (June)
  • Raya Photoshoot (August)
Please note that this is our roughly activities and the council will put their greatest effort as to make it a huge success..and of course with the help of u guys!.

*any suggestion of cohort activities can be recommended to Mr.Pres and Mr. Vice Pres =)

Till then, adieu bieu!..

A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron. ~Horace Mann~
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