..DuMb DaMn AssiGnmeNtssss~~..

it was the end for April!!!..the assignment dues was too near!!!..freaking nervous..last minutes works...interviewss... researches...podcast...cornell's notes...wat else?..huhu.. .

this was the most busiest week of the semester where we had to turn in 3 assignments from our 3 core subjects on 3 different days in 1 week..
with LING 218 (grammar & meaning ) on 3rd may, Monday followed by..
EDUC 258 (mathematics for primary teaching) on 5th may, Tuesday and finally
EDUC 260 (language literacy and learning) on last Friday, 7th may..
it's all hectic though!...

no matter what, it is now over..only major assignment for LING 218 upon the topic of experiential function left..all the best for the rest of cohort 1 members...gambate!..

till then, adieu~~

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. ~Henry Brooks Adams~
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