..Monthly Perdana Programme: Yasin and Tahlil Recitation May 2010..

the autumn is coming to the end. The winter is happily breezing out to give the damn cold to everyone of us here in Sydney. Have a look guys, the power of The Creator that control all the things around us..

As for May 2010, Cohort 1 Macquarie in collaboration with Religion Bureau had organised the first official monthly " Yasin and Tahlil Recitation May 2010"

the objectives of this event were:
1) to gather 58 of us again as to strengthen the harmonious relationship / 'ukhuwah' as the ambassador of Malaysia.
2) to reflect ourselves anD see think the relationship with The Lord that always give us space and time to breath as a human being.
3) providing a small feast (moreh) of traditional cuisine for 58 of us.

Farid was giving 'tazkirah' for the night..

the details of the events were as follow:
Date: 20th May 2010 (Thursday)

Time : 6.30p.m - 9.00 p.m.
6.30 - Jemaah Isya' Prayer (muslimin at 129/ muslimat at 193)
7.00 - Yasin & Tahlil Recitaion Programme ( all gather at unit 193)
7.30 - Tazkirah
7.45 - Small feast/ 'moreh'

Venue: Unit 193, Macquarie University Village

cohort leader, Afiq Ibrahim was leading the cohort meeting after the tahlil..

the girls were listening, while waiting for the moreh..:)

this event was successfully held with good cooperation among the cohort members. furthermore, we finally had our cohort meeting that involved not all, but most of the members of cohort 1. many issues, questions, info had been raised up during the meeting gradually from each bureaus and other members. 'MOreh' was beutifully done with Roti Kari as the traditional menu for that night...haha..not to forget, small celebration of Kak Jen's birthday that finally turn 22..Hepi Birthday Jenny!!..

and also happy birthday to Myra(16/5) Razeen (16/5), Syue(17/5), Syamim(23/5), Rinie(24/5) and Asreen (coming soon 31/5)

good luck with the LING218 assignment guys!..have fun..

Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more. ~Bob Talbert~
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